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How group cards work

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1. Select a group ecard

You receive the virtual card immediately in your browser. No registrations.
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2. Let people sign

Share the signing link under your ecard with multiple people to sign.
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3. Send to the receiver

Share the signed group ecard using the link under the ecard, or schedule an automatic sending.
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Create a group gift collection!

EcardForest allows you to add a money collection to an e-card.
Everyone can contribute and once the e card is sent,
the recipient claims a prepaid debit card or a gift card.
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Enable money collection

Toggle the collection pot when creating a card. Make sure the recipient country is supported.
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Everyone can chip in

Everyone who signs the ecard can also contribute to the pot. 5% will be used to cover processing fees.
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The receiver chooses a gift

The recipient opens the group card and redeems the money pot. They can choose from 100s of options.
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