Group Ecards

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  • Support a rising artist
  • Save a tree

About our greeting cards

I) Select a group card from our catalogue Step 1: Select a card cover from our catalogue
II) Receive a link to your virtual card Step 2: Receive a link to your personal card
III) Let as many people sign as you would like Step 3: Let others sign
IV) Send the signed card to the receiver Step 4: Send the signed card to the receiver

Why an online card?

The Virtual Cards work on every device
  • Cards made for groups

    From a whole office, your core team or a small group of friends, the greeting card can fit as many signatures as you would like.

  • Hand crafted for a digital experience

    You can add Gifs, write poems, or just a short wish. The virtual cards can be traditional, animated or have 3d effects. Whatever you do, we make sure your ecard looks good everywhere and is usable for everybody, from your IT department to your grandma.

  • Private & Hassle-free

    No need to register, no need to leave your home. You buy a card, you receive it online. Done in 30 seconds, we save no information about you.