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What is a group ecard?

A group card is a virtually signed card that can help you celebrate your loved ones' occasions. The ecard can be signed by multiple people online. You can invite everyone to collaborate and send the final group card to a friend, colleague, family member, or even your dog. Make the ecard unique by customizing the cover, adding GIFs, and using different fonts.

How do online group cards work?

Ecards are digital, purely online greeting cards. You choose an e card, create it, and let multiple people sign it, by sharing a link. When everyone is done signing, you can share the card with the receiver, using a link or schedule an automatic delivery via email. We appreciate your privacy and don't require registration. We believe in a hassle-free approach. You create → you receive a link. That's it. Your groupcard is ready in 3 seconds. Give it a go with our free group ecard creation option.