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Why Choose Group Leaving Cards

Unlimited space for goodbye messages!

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Show the receiver that you already miss them with a customized cover, GIFs, rainbow colours or a wild font mixture!

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No need to register, no need to leave your home. Your group ecard is ready and sharable in 30 seconds!

How to send a group leaving card online

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1. Select a farewell ecard

You receive the virtual card immediately in your browser. No registrations.
Let multiple people sign your farewell ecard

2. Let people sign

Let multiple people write farewell messages by sharing the signing link under your online farewell card.
Share the farewell ecard, signed by multiple people

3. Send to the receiver

Share the signed farewell ecard using the link under the ecard, or schedule an automatic sending.
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How to add a gift collection to a greeting card

Gifts are great. But finding the best gift for someone might be tricky.
We got you! Collect everyone's contributions and
let the receiver pick the gift they like.
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1. Enable money collection

Toggle the collection pot option when creating a card.
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2. Everyone can chip in

Everyone who signs the ecard can also contribute to the gift collection. 5% will be used to cover processing fees.
Select a group leaving card from our catalogue

3. The receiver chooses a gift

The recipient opens the group card and redeems the pot for any of the 100s of options.
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What to write on an online leaving card?

Saying goodbye to your favourite colleague is not easy, but using our leaving cards online is. We give you the tools and space to write a short "Goodbye", add heartfelt messages with tons of GIFs and emojis, or even compose poems. The key is to share your personal farewells.

How do our group leaving cards work?

Our virtual leaving cards for group signature are easy to use. You choose a farewell e card, create it, and let multiple people add their goodbye messages, by sharing a link. Once the leaving card online is ready you can send it to the receiver using the receiver's link or schedule an automatic delivery via email. We appreciate your privacy and don't require registration. You create → you receive a link. That's it. Your virtual leaving card is ready in 3 seconds. Give it a go with our free creation option.
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