Visualisation of money collection in the group collection pot.

Add a gift collection to your ecard in 1 click

Gifts are great. But finding the best gift for someone might be tricky.
We got you! Collect everyone's contributions and
let the receiver pick the gift they like.
Visualisation of adding a group money collection to an ecard.

1. Enable money collection

Toggle the collection pot option when creating a card.
Visualisation of everone contributing to the group collection pot.

2. Everyone can chip in

Everyone who signs the ecard can also contribute to the gift collection. 5% will be used to cover processing fees.
Visualisation of redeeming a group gift collection for various gift cards.

3. The receiver chooses a gift

The recipient opens the group card and redeems the pot for any of the 100s of options.
Start a Collection

100s of available gift cards

Let the recpient choose their favourite place!
Here are some of the available options in the United States

More about group gift money collections

How to add a money collection pot to my group ecard?

You can add a money collection pot in GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, or NZD by activating the option while creating your group ecard. When signing the ecard, everyone can chip in any desired amount.

How to remove a collection pot from an existing e-card?

If no one has contributed to the collection yet, you can deactivate it via the button "Contribute" under your ecard. In case you want to deactivate it after people have contributed, please reach out to us at

How to check how much was collected so far?

You can see the collected amount in real time by hovering over the "contribute" button under your ecard. In case of questions, please reach out to us at

How to redeem the collection pot?

Once everyone is done signing the ecard and contributing to the money collection, you can send the ecard to the receiver. The money pot is going to be attached to the ecard. The receiver can redeem it for a prepaid debit card or a gift card of their choice.

Are there any fees associated with the group money pots?

Processing payments is unfortunately not free and we collect a 5% fee to cover the expenses and make group gift collections possible. We show the fee transparently to everyone contributing.
There are no further fees and the receiver gets the full money pot.
E.g. 10 people chip in $2 each. $1 goes for processing. $19 land in the pot => the receiver gets $19.

Are group gift collections available in other currencies?

Currently, we offer pots in GBP, USD, CAD, EUR, AUD, and NZD. You can still contribute to the pot even if your home currency is different. We are working on adding further currencies soon.