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  • agree the cards are semi-private in the sense that only those who have the link can access the card but the cards are not password-protected. You are responsible for whom you share the link with and how the link is shared (email, text, social media, etc.).

If you do not acknowledge the above, you may not access or use EcardForest. If you are dissatisfied with the terms or conditions of EcardForest, your sole remedy is to discontinue using EcardForest.


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You shall use your best efforts to ensure that no unauthorized reproduction, publication, disclosure, modification, distribution, etc. is made. In case you become aware of any such unauthorized use of EcardForest, you shall notify EcardForest at [email protected].


EcardForest may block services without notice i) if the service is being misused by third parties or ii) if there is an issue with the payment. The blocking may be maintained until the issue is solved.

EcardForest reserves the right to remove any content that we consider offensive, inappropriate, unlawful or in violation of these Terms and Conditions.


EcardForest promises to render the purchased products with due care and diligence. EcardForest nevertheless does not guarantee the following:

  • uninterrupted or fault-free operation
  • absolute protection of the services against unauthorized access or interception
  • avoidance of any data loss due to services faults

EcardForest reserves the right to perform maintenance work that may result in disruptions or slowdowns.


ZuriAnalytics provides EcardForest in good faith.

EcardForest is provided “as is” and “as available”. In no event shall EcardForest or any of its affiliates be held liable for indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages including, but not limited to lost data. In the event the limitations and disclaimers contained here are found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be ineffective or inapplicable, the maximum aggregated liability of EcardForest to you and all end users shall be limited, and in no event shall it exceed, the amount paid by you.